West Coast Service Trip 2005

15-27 MAY, 2005 - The annual service trip to Alberta and the West coast of Canada by AdasTotal Services Inc. was carried out as planned. The main purpose of this trip was to make sure that all customers get the best possible attention and the presses get the proper service and maintenance to be able to perform as long as possible for the customer.  Hanus Homola made the trip out West and visited most of the customers in Edmonton and the Vancouver area who had pre-arranged appointments with AdasTotal Services Inc. Some of the customers that were visited on the trip are shown below with their Adast presses. 



KIRK Integrated Marketing Services Ltd.

Richmond, BC


Pressman Keith Williams in front of the AD 725 Automatic at Kirk Integrated Marketing Services Ltd. in Richmond B.C. This press was installed in the middle of 1999 and has been producing close to 8 million impressions of quality prints every year.

FRASER Printers Ltd.

Cloverdale, BC


For almost seven years Fraser printers has been using the ADAST 526 press to their advantage.

ALPINE Press Ltd.

Edmonton, AB


Pressman Lonnie Nelson and the ADAST 755CP. Lonnie is checking the quality of his printed job. Alpine Press has been using ADAST presses for almost 20 years.

Lonnie Nelson is assigned as a technical support for Alberta. For more details see our Contact Us section.



GRAPHIQUE Printing and


Edmonton, AB


Pressman Lenford Williams makes sure he knows every detail of his press when it is being serviced. This older AD725 can still run most of the tougher jobs with ease.


PIONEER Press Ltd.

Edmonton, AB


Pressman Cory Zapisocki in front of the ADAST 755CP. Pioneer Press is one of the oldest print shops in Edmonton. 

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