Selection of AZON Printers


Direct to Substrate



  Direct to substrate SERIES 2 inkjet printer that prints on all rigid materials. Completely meet batch production of large scale and improve competitiveness.      

Direct to Garment


AZON Tex Pro

AZON Twin Tex





SERIES 2 direct to garment inkjet printer for beautiful full - color prints.

Print double, full - color prints with Twin Tex!

UV Direct to Substrate

AZON Mason

AZON UV Q Pro / Pro L

AZON Razor

AZON Rotax




Evolutionary A1 machine originated from the generation of UV LED printers.


A1 and B0 UV direct to substrate inkjet printers for large quantities.


The most versatile and productive A3 format printer on the market.


The one and only Plug and Play system on the market coming from Azon Rotax for bottle printing on UV A3 and A1 and B0 Indy machines


Mason Demo video



Razor Demo video


Rotax Demo video


Braille Demo video



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